02 January 2017

The Advert Platform Our Third Option!

We believe that you will enjoy this new system

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On 3rd January, the new entity The Advert Platform (TAP) was launched! Let me firstly say this: everything I have heard has given me 100%  confidence that the new platform is  robust and stable.
Here is everything  you need to know ….
As a member of The Advert Platform (TAP) you will be taking 12 actions each day in order to receive your profit share. This will include:
Once you have completed your actions, you will receive the Profit Share. Twelve EASY actions opens you up to a world of possibility! 
You’ll have 30 days to get a Facebook and Twitter account, and either a blog or website ready. Given the launch date of 3rd January, this gives you until to 2nd February 2017, which in my opinion is plenty of time. However, my advice to you – if you haven’t already got these accounts in place – START NOW!

What else do you need to know? 

  • The Credit Packs remain at 25 Euros and as they mature at 27.50. This will occur twice as quickly as a 50 Euro credit pack, which in turn means that they can multiply more quickly by repurchasing
  • If you perform only the three Traffic Exchange clicks on the The Advert Platform (TAP) website, you will receive only 25% of the Profit Share. Likewise, if you only share three adverts on Facebook, 25% will be received.
  • The Profit Share is 10% and Referral Commission is 10%
  • There will be an Online Forum within the website for members to ask questions and receive answers – so this should hopefully make it a lot easier to keep up to date on whatever you need to know.
  • There will be an iPhone App completed shortly to work alongside the Android App which will really streamline the whole The Advert Platform (TAP) experience.
There are other EXCITING advertising products that are close to release, and further information will be provided on this when available.


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